Oldham School Sport Bulletin

The year comes to an end and we reflect on what has been a year of high sporting achievement and participation. Many new faces showed up to events and it was great to see so many smiling faces at each event.

From us here at Oldham School Sports Partnership we would like to thank everyone and wish a Merry Christmas to all and hope to see everyone again in the new year. Enjoy the Christmas Holidays and make sure to stay safe .

Remember keep active.


Oldham School Sport Bulletin- 27/11/17-1/12/17

This week saw only 1 event take place, but what an event it was. Newman College hosted the U13 and U15 Girls Tag Rugby School Games Qualifier in which 11 teams took part from 7 schools across Oldham. On a cold night it was great to see so many girls motivated to participate no matter the weather.

U13 Tag Rugby saw 7 teams take part, 2 from Newman, 1 from Hathershaw, Blue Coat, Crompton House, Royton and Crompton and Oasis. Great displays of skills and technique were shown throughout the games from those who have taken part before and those trying the sport for the first time, it was clear to see from the warm up that this would be tightly contested. After only losing 1 game Blue Coat were victors and advance into the Greater Manchester Games, with Newman College A being closely behind in second.

U15 Tag Rugby witnessed 4 teams, 2 from Newman and 1 from Blue Coat and Crompton House. Games began with some good plays and some quality tries were being scored. Tackles were clean and precise and the first game was a close result, as games progressed it was clear to see the difference in skills levels between the start and end of the event. Newman A were unbeaten and went on to be victors.

Next weeks events include:

Year 3/4 Girls Futsal at Oldham Futsal Arena Tuesday 5th December

Year 9/10 Boys and Girls Volleyball at Radclyffe School Tuesday 5th December

U12 Girls Futsal at Oldham Futsal Arena Thursday 7th December

Oldham School Sports Bulletin 20/11/17- 24/11/17

Big Congratulations to all that participated this last week with the events being greatly supported and the level of competition being high.

The week kicked off with the rearranged fixture of Y5&6 Quicksticks hockey in which 11 schools came to participate in the Greater Manchester School Games Qualifier. 18 teams were separated into 4 groups with the top team in each going into the Semi-Finals. The final was contested between Broadfield and Hodge Clough in which a great game was played and both schools qualifying for the Greater Manchester Games.

During the Monday 21 children participated in 3 sports at Radclyffe School: Boccia; New Age Kurling and Inclusive Tennis. Consisting of a rotation the children were able to compete and participate in each allowing them to broaden their skills and learn new sports.

Tuesday saw Radclyffe host the years first Volleyball competition Year 7/8 Boys and 3 schools entered Radclyffe, Hulme and Oasis. After close competitions and a great display of skill shown by all boys, Hulme A came out victorious.

The following day had 2 events with SEND Boccia League and Year 7&8 Girls Hockey at night. The day started with the Boccia competition at the Ball Hall and 5 schools from across Oldham came to participate, a display of skill and sportsmanship was clear to see with the behaviour of all the schools outstanding to watch. St Mary’s B came out the victors however it was good to see such a large group taking part. Later that afternoon Girls Hockey at Newman College allowed girls to get into a new sport which they may not have tried before with 2 schools attending, Newman and Oasis. It was clear to see the skill of those who have already played the sport and play for teams but also the improvement made by those who had never played the game before. Goals and tackles were flying in from everywhere and Newman came out winners of a closely fought tournament.

Thursday hosted 2 events the final of the Y3&4 Multiskills and Year 7/8 Girls Volleyball. First up the Final of the Multiskills with 7 schools coming to take part in such a close fought event, no more than 10 points separated 1st and 7th with every school representing themselves in a spectacular way. School from all over Oldham took part and shone whether at throwing and catching or running or balancing it was great to see such a variety of sporting activities competed for. Girls Volleyball had 3 teams represent their schools and saw a variety of skills being displayed with serves and digs being shown to a high standard.

Congratulations to Mills Hill.  Oldham primary schools Y3&4 Multiskills champions.

Next Week we only have 1 event:

U13 and U15 Girls Rugby at Newman College Thursday 30th November

Oldham School Sports Bulletin 16/10/17- 20/10/17

Another week packed full of sport arrived and school participation again boomed, the week witnessed the running of SEND Boccia, Year 7 rugby (which was re-arranged), Year 7&8 Girls Hockey and year 5&6 Quicksticks hockey.

First up KS2 SEND Boccia at the Oldham Ball Hall, as smiling faces came running through the doors it was clear to see this event was going to be a success. Allowing children of all abilities, whether disabled or special learning needs, to participate in a sport where skill is important. Excellent displays of accuracy shone throughout the event with children smacking balls out of their way to get to the jack or rolling up next to it, it was clear to see the enjoyment not only from the students but also the teachers. A great big thank you goes to St Margaret’s, Higher Failsworth, Spring Brook, Broadfield, Coppice and Alex Park.

Wednesday hosted 2 events this week with the re-arranged rugby clashing with the Year 7&8 Girls Hockey at Newman College. Thankfully secondary schools managed to navigate around this transport issue and attend the events with the rugby seeing 5 schools attend and 3 at the hockey. The rugby witnessed it’s closest fought games so far as Royton and Crompton battled Saddleworth A and B and being victorious, crowning them this weeks champions, Saddleworth A and B then had the crunch clash for 2nd place with A being victorious and taking the silver. Thankfully this week saw better weather and the decision to re-arrange paid off with Hathershaw, Waterhead, Royton and Crompton, Failsworth and Saddleworth all taking part in the cold. Girls Hockey was again difficult to distinguish who would be champions with Saddleworth in the end victorious after facing both Crompton House and Newman twice with an unbeaten record leading them to win.

Thursday arrived and sadly so did the rain, with the forecast set to get worse as the day went on a decision had to be made on the event, will it run or should it be rearranged? Pitch inspections were taken through the day with them standing up to the rain well, but the onslaught saw the event be postponed at 3:30pm. Apologies to all parents and schools affected by this late decision but the conditions only worsened. We will be rearranging the event for Monday 20th November and hopefully this time the rain will stay away, it was great to see the number of schools who still took part in the friendlies which went ahead, but again a shame we couldn’t run the school games qualifier.

Coming up next week:

Year 3&4 Adventure Walk @ Castleshaw 9:30-2:30

Oldham School Sports Partnership

Oldham school sport bulletin 9/10/17-14/10/17

Another successful week for Oldham schools has passed, with participation levels continuing to rise it is great to see more and more schools partaking in events. The week saw the year’s first American Football competition, the first school games qualifier in Rugby and Cross Country.

The week began with a touchdown with Higher Failsworth and Broadfield taking part in the years first American Flag Football competition. It was great to see so many children enjoying a new sport which they may not partake in at school, each child displaying skills from throwing to tackling. Starting with the throwing area each child threw aiming at scoring holes in the goal, with each school scoring highly, then onto game situations and eventually a mini match in which the scores ended in a tie.

Next up was the Year 7 Rugby on the Wednesday which was supposed to be held at Waterhead Academy (Counthill Site), however due to the adverse weather conditions we had to postpone until the upcoming week.

Year 5&6 tag Rugby was held at St Anne’s Rugby Club Thursday 12th and saw 11 teams enter to be part of the Greater Manchester Games later in the academic year, with tightly fought matches we reached the semi-finals with Mayfield A versus Mills Hill and Delph A versus Mayfield B, close matches but the victors were Mayfield A and Delph A. With both school having now qualified for the Games it was a match of winner takes the pride of victory and a 2-0 win for Delph sealed it. Thanks must be given to the great help of Blue Coat schools young leaders who gave up there own free time to referee and help run the event as smoothly as it went. Congratulations everyone who took part.

Finally, we reached the Cross country events with Friday and Saturday thankfully seeing slightly better weather than normal with only a few showers distracting us during the races on the Friday. Hundreds of children took part over the 2 days and it was great to see the level of commitment from families and parents who brought and spectated on the days. A huge well done to every child who took part as nobody gave up and everyone completed the courses as hard as they were due to the wet and boggy ground.


Upcoming events next week:

Tuesday 17th October KS2 SEND Boccia League at Ball Hall 10-11:30

Wednesday 18th October Year 7 Rugby at Waterhead Academy (Counthill Site) 4-5:30

Wednesday 18th October Year 7&8 Girls Hockey at Newman College 2-4

Thursday 19th October Year 5&6 Quicksticks Hockey at Newman College 4-5:30

Thursday 19th October KS4 Girls Football at Waterhead Academy


Oldham School Sports Partnership

Oldham school Sport Bulletin 2/10/17- 6/10/17

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the 3 events of last week, the week saw large numbers of children taking part in different sports with Futsal and Rugby taking part.

First event of the week saw Oldham Futsal Arena hosting the Year 3&4 Girls Futsal festival in which skills and sportsmanship were clear to see with every child having a smile on their face throughout. There were no winners or losers as this was based upon encouraging participation in the sport and it was great to see such a large turnout with Horton Mill, Clarksfield, Broadfield, Corpus Christi and St Margaret’s all bringing teams.

Wednesday arrived and so did the rain, a wet and windy Counthill site hosted the Year 8 Rugby League event and saw 5 schools all participate: Royton and Crompton, Saddleworth, Waterhead Academy, Failsworth and Radclyffe. Saddleworth strolled to a convincing victory with a 100% record on the night, Royton and Crompton were 2nd and 3rd were Failsworth in a tightly fought battle for 2nd place which was decided by only 2 points. Great to see the number of non-rugby players participating in these events and how well they are all doing.

Thursday then saw the arrival of Year 5&6 Girls Futsal, Corpus Christi taking the victory on the night and 2nd place St Josephs A. On the night we had a staggering 7 teams participate and the level of competition was extremely high with Clarksfield, St Josephs A and B, Corpus Christi, Knowsley, St Margaret’s and St Anne’s Lydgate all vying for the top spot. Teams were separated into 2 groups with the victors going through into a semi final then final with St Josephs A narrowly losing out to Corpus in a closely fought final.

The events coming up next week include:

Karate Taster Session- Unfortunately we have had to cancel this event as we had too few schools sign up for the event and therefore it shall be run later in the academic year.

American Flag Football @ Failsworth Soccer Centre Tuesday 10/10/2017

Year 7 Rugby League @ Counthill Site Wednesday 11/10/2017

Year 5&6 Tag Rugby League (Mixed) @ St Anne’s Rugby Club- School Games Qualifier Thursday 12/10/17

KS1&2 Emerging Schools Cross Country @ Stoneleigh Park Friday 13/10/17

KS1&2 Cross Country @ Chadderton Hall Park Saturday 14/10/17

We look forward to seeing as many participants as possible in the upcoming week.


Oldham School Sport Partnership

Oldham School Sport Bulletin 25/09/17-30/09/17

Congratulations everyone who participated in the events of last week.

3 inter-school competitions were run last week:

Year 9 Rugby League Boys, KS1&2 Emerging schools Cross Country and KS1&2 Cross Country.

These events were a major success with them being well attended and the level of competition being so high.

Wednesday 27th September saw the Year 9 Rugby League event take place at Waterhead Academy (Counthill Site), this had 5 schools in attendance including Radclyffe, Blue Coat, Failsworth, Royton& Crompton and Saddleworth. The competition standards were of a high level, with it being clear which players played for local teams outside of school. Closely fought matches saw Saddleworth being crowned champions with Failsworth and Royton& Crompton having a final match clash which would determine second and third, with the match finishing in a draw they shared second place and received silver medals each.

A wet and windy Friday arrived and the Emerging Schools Cross Country event at Stoneleigh park took place, it was great to see so many children from all over Oldham come to attend with new and old faces coming to participate. As it stands the Friday Cross Country league is as follows:

1st MAYFIELD 127 Points, 2nd CHRIST CHURCH DENSHAW 131 Points, 3rd ST.EDWARDS 168 Points, 4th St.JOSEPHS 218 Points

A day later it was Chadderton Hall Parks turn to stand up to the water and host the Cross Country event, with wind and rain battering the participants the day was a huge success. Due to a large number of participants everyone was able to participate and enjoy the day with heart-warming moments ad sportsmanship being shown throughout. Big thank you to Delph, Mills Hill, Royton Hall, Rushcroft, St Anne’s Royton, St Josephs, Thorp, St Matthews, Knowsley, Hulme, Werneth, Blackshaw Lane, Thornham St James and Crompton primary. The results and league standings for this league will be emailed out at a later date.

Next week’s events include:

Year 3&4 Girls Futsal@ Oldham College 2/10/17,

Year 8 Rugby League (Boys)@ Counthill Site 3/10/17

Year 5&6 Girls Futsal@ Oldham College 4/10/17


Oldham School Sports Partnership

Congratulations on Kitemark Awards

Congratulations to the following schools for achieving Kitemark this year in particularly all the amazing schools that have achieved the Gold Award!!

Gold Award
Alex Park
Bare Trees
Burnley Brow
Christ Church (Chadderton)
Fir Bank
Greenfield St Marys
Higher Failsworth
Hodge Clough
Horton Mill
Mills Hill
Propps Hall
St Annes RC (Greenacres)
St Edwards
St Hildas
St Josephs
St Martins
St Marys High Crompton
St Patricks
St Pauls
St Thomas (Werneth)
Yew Tree

Crompton House
The Hathershaw College
New Bridge
The Radclyffe School

Silver Award
Holy Rosary
Holy Trinity Dobcross
Oasis Academy (Limeside)
Royton Hall
South Failsworth
St Aidan & Oswalds
St Annes (Broadway)
St Lukes
St Margarets
Stoneleigh Academy
Thornham St James
Whitegate End

Newman RC
Oldham Academy North

Christ Church (Denshaw)
Medlock Valley
St Annes (Lydgate)
East Crompton St Georges
St Hughs
St Thomas (Leesfield)

North Chadderton
Royton & Crompton